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Giving gifts is fun!

Giving gifts is fun!

Do you ever get a present? And what does that do to you? Does it make you happy?

Getting a gift is nice and sometimes also delicious. However, scientists agree that “giving” makes you happier than “getting”. Do you recognize that when you receive something, you like it, but sometimes it also feels a bit uncomfortable?


Giving, on the other hand, makes us feel happy. Giving creates happiness. It's a way to express your feelings and that makes you happy. And if that gift is also beautifully packaged, that happiness and happy feeling is even more enhanced. Happiness is sometimes found in small things. Researchers indicate that when you give a gift, it creates a deeper connection with the person you are giving it to. Especially if that person is close to you, such as a partner, family member, friend or colleague. Giving makes you feel good and fulfilled.

Give or receive?

A study also shows that “giving” evokes more moments of happiness than spending money on yourself. In that study, for example, a group of test subjects was given 20 euros. Half of the subjects were allowed to spend this on themselves and the other half were allowed to give this to someone else. The subjects who had spent this amount on someone else were clearly happier than the subjects who had to spend the money on themselves. That group had no lasting feelings of satisfaction at the end of the day. The givers, on the other hand, were remarkably happy and elated. It is satisfying to see the surprised expression on the other person's face. So giving is nice and giving a gift is a way to show appreciation, interest and gratitude. Giving also creates love and the way of giving is also essential. Doing something positive attracts more positivity. So think about who you are going to give what and when.


When giving a gift, we often think of things that you have to buy in a shop, of flowers, jewellery, books, perfumes, wine, etc. Yet gifts don't have to cost money at all. Have you ever considered that if you give a compliment to someone else, that is also a (great) gift. A compliment costs nothing and means a lot to the other person. With a compliment someone else can grow. Getting a compliment is wonderful. So give some compliments today. Go do it ... and giving a compliment makes you happier and ... makes you happy too! And that's what we want to be: Happy! Help each other to become happier. Give!


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